Earn Sadqa-e-Jairya by Saving People Dying of Thirst in Thar

Your Contribution Can Save Hundreds in Thar

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Copper bucket
Donate $25 to help the people of Thar get sufficient clean water and save lives.


Silver Bucket
Your $50 can help Tharis get clean water which is their basic right.


Gold Bucket
Help with $100 to bring fresh clean water in the desert area to save hundreds of lives.


Platinum Bucket
Your $250 can change the lives of hundreds of people by giving them access to clean water every day.


Share a hand pump
With $500, you can help hundreds of drought-stricken people live healthy, normal lives!


Hand pump with your or your loved one’s name
Your $1000 will change the destiny of the people of Thar. This will be a charity that will continue to benefit these people for years.

People in Thar do not have the most basic commodity:


They have been living in drought for years.
When we say they do not have access to clean water, we see only the tip of the iceberg. The problem goes deeper.

To Realize Our Vision, We Have Partnered With

So Many Problems, One Solution: Water.

Water can change their lives. Literally.
To resolve everything – from thirst to hunger and from diseases to deaths – they need water.
And, upon realizing this, Ek Plate Biryani decided to install hand pumps in Thar.
The response of our supporters has been overwhelming.
The project continues.
We wish to provide water to as many villages in Thar as possible.
We have managed to install 59 deep-well hand pumps across 59 villages in Thar.
But, we cannot do it alone.
We need your help…
To make this movement strong and sustainable…
To provide ease to thousands more…
To give them the gifts of better lives and brighter futures.

How many pumps were done

hand pumps installed


people helped

Reasons To Participate In The Movement

We have been supported by 20,000 people in the last two years.
But, the support we received for this movement has been overwhelming.
This movement is more than charity.
It is perpetual charity… it is a service to humanity.
Our supporters have lovingly participated for the hand pump to be:
The immense love and empathy we witnessed during this movement have been amazing.
People from all over the world, regardless of their religious beliefs, contributed to it…
And, gave us the hope that we will be able to provide water to many more villages in Thar.
Ek Plate Biryani is a registered NPO based in Canada, recognized by Ontario NonProfit Network and Google NonProfit.
We started out in 2019 to provide a platform to people from all around the world to help those in distress.
We started out in 2019 to provide a platform to people from all around the world to help those in distress.
We are now operating in 5 countries: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Uganda.
Our team is working to provide food, water, clothing; support educational institutions, and help during emergency situations.
We provide proofs to our donors on our social media as well as privately if requested.

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