Earn Rewards This Ramadan by Saving Lives in Thar

To Realize Our Vision, We Have Partnered With

Every Year, Thousands of Children in Thar Die Due To Famine And Thirst.

Water hand pumps can solve the problem… This Ramadan, let’s help them and maximize our Sadqa-e-jariya.

Can you imagine a day without water? No water to drink or wash your face. No water for your animals or your crops which are the sole source of your food. No water for your animals or your crops which are the sole source of your food.
The situation in Thar is beyond our imagination. Even with a population of 1.6 million, Thar remains neglected. Water-starved. Water scarcity has led to severe food shortages in Thar.

When we are fasting, we know it will break at dawn, and we will have enough food and water.

But, Tharis do not have that solace.

They have had famine for years now. 76% of the Tharis have NO food supplies at their homes at all. And, their situation is far from

Womenfolk, who are generally responsible for gathering water in the area, have to walk 3 to 4 kilometers every day to bring what little water they can get.
They have to count water drops while drinking or washing, or watering their crops.
Annual rainfall in the area has been recorded at 245 millimeters. Which is too little for any crops to survive. People of Thar depend on millet for food and they grow it on their lands. Water shortages have made their lands barren. And, agriculture does not even yield enough millet now.
Lack of water leads to the spread of various diseases. And, trap the unfortunate people in a never-ending cycle of poverty.
With no water and no food, they do not have the luxury of even dreaming about prosperity. They are stuck in this suffocating pattern of trying to get enough water or enough food or enough treatment for their sick children.
The stories from the region are heartbreaking. One such story was shared by a Thari woman called Sawutri.

40-year old Sawutri recalled her nightmarish days when she had to see her kids cry out in hunger. Since the crops were not good and there was little to eat, her husband went to Karachi to work as a
laborer. He earned only $37 a month.

Meanwhile, in Thar, Sawutri used to walk many kilometers every day to fetch water for her kids even if the effort tired her to the bones. She did everything in her power to feed her malnourished kids… one of whom got so malnourished that he was close to death.
Without her husband and a dying child in her arms, her wails could not be suppressed. But she could not afford to mourn or give up. She kept working day and night to save them from the fate so many kids in the village had faced.
Fate showed its brighter side to her then. Several NGOs, all across Thar, started digging water wells or installing hand pumps for Tharis. One of the fortunate villages was Sawutri’s.
Although Sawutri had to get her child hospitalized for a while, access to water was the major reason her child survived. Doctors had told her that only good nourishment could bring him back to life. Thanks to water availability in her village, she could give him clean water and more food. And save his life.
The need for water resources, however, persists. Most of the villages in Thar still do not have any. Water and food shortages are still common. There are many women like Sawutri who are hoping for help.
Every year in Thar, hundreds of parents see their kids die of malnutrition. They do not have enough food or water to save their lives.
Should we just close our eyes to all these facts? To the horror stories they live every day?
Leaving them as they are would be akin to killing them. While helping them will keep adding rewards to your balance, even after you forget about it.

The purpose of fasting in Ramadan is to teach us empathy for those who are suffering.

It teaches us to reach out to those in need.

Partial Funding This campaign will collect all funds raised by Dec 21, 2022 11:45 AM.

About Ek Plate Biryani

Ek Plate Biryani is a registered NGO based in Canada
We started out in 2019 to provide a platform to people from all around the world to help those in distress.
Initially, we began with feeding the vulnerable in Pakistan, but, over the time, we have expanded our domain of work in terms of services as well as area.
We are now operating in 5 countries: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Uganda.
We provide proofs to our donors on our social media as well as privately, if requested.
Our teams are dedicatedly working to provide food, access to clean water, treatment solutions, education support, and aid in emergencies.

Our Vision

We envision a world without hunger… a planet where no one has to be uncertain about their primary needs.

Copper bucket
Donate $25 to help the people of Thar get sufficient clean water and save lives.


Silver Bucket
Your $50 can help Tharis get clean water which is their basic right.


Gold Bucket
Help with $100 to bring fresh clean water in the desert area to save hundreds of lives.


Platinum Bucket
Your $250 can change the lives of hundreds of people by giving them access to clean water every day.


Share a hand pump
With $500, you can help hundreds of drought-stricken people live healthy, normal lives!


Hand pump with your or your loved one’s name
Your $1000 will change the destiny of the people of Thar. This will be a charity that will continue to benefit these people for years.

How can you help Tharis?

The people in Thar need the most basic commodity:


Since it is a desert, there is so little rainfall that it cannot be relied upon. They need constant resources for water, Team Ek Plate Biryani is helping them by installing hand pumps in various parts of Thar. And, for this cause, we are raising funds.

The holy month of Ramadan is the high time to help others as much as possible. These hand pumps will be Sadqa-e-Jariya done in Ramadan for you and your loved ones – even if they have passed away. 

The donor will get rewards for as long as these hand pumps are functional and these helpless souls have access to clean water. Even after the donor’s death.


Let’s create a HUGE movement to help as many Tharis as possible.

Thar is a huge area with four major districts. Each district has various villages. At least one hand pump in each village is needed for the residents to have regular access to clean water.

This Ramadan, your hand pumps will help them in the following ways:

  • They will be able to grow better crops.
  • There will be improved food security.
  • Their animals will be fed better and live longer to help them.
  • They will have better hygiene.
  • The water availability will help control the spread of various diseases.
  • Maternal and infant mortality rates are likely to go down.
  • Their future prospects will improve.
Each hand pump will be sufficient for various
families… to help them live a longer, healthier life.
And, you… You will be rewarded for every drop of water they consume for as long as the hand pumps function…

Sadaqa E Jariya For Years

The Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and a righteous son who will pray for him.” [Muslim]
With these hand pumps, the donor gets to do the best form of charity that is ongoing.

Imagine the best charity to keep adding sawaab all your life. And, after your death.

And, doing the noblest of deeds in the blessed month… is indeed the cherry on top.

You may also

install or contribute in the name of a loved one… and gather rewards for them as well as yourselves.

20 Years Of Clean Abundant Water Supply

A lot of NGOs are working in Thar to fight famine and water shortages… We appreciate all the efforts.
The problem we noticed, however, is that most of the hand pumps installed are merely 50 to 70 feet deep…
Which means that a 70 feet deep hand pump is likely to dry up soon. We want to give them a longer lasting solution.
Our team has been installing hand pumps about 150+ feet deep. These hand pumps are likely to provide for the next 20 years or more. InshaAllah.
We have also decided to take extra measures for its longevity… We are providing tools to the locals for the repair and maintenance of these pumps so that they have an uninterrupted supply of water for the next 20 years.

Ek Plate Biryani -- An Organization Responding to The Calls of The Distressed

Ek Plate Biryani is the brainchild of a handful of us Canadian residents who wanted to give back to society.

We knew so many in the world are suffering. And, we wanted to help them.

When we set out to donate, we didn’t know who to trust. Most of the organizations did not offer enough proof.

There, we decided to go the extra mile and create a platform where anyone from any part of the world can help the needy… 

Hence, Ek Plate Biryani came into being.

Ek Plate Biryani is a registered Not-For-Profit Organization based in Canada and operating in Pakistan and Bangladesh, on a regular basis. 

Our team includes a number of trained, professional, and honest operation managers and quality control managers, along with several volunteers.

We aim to help people in every possible way. So far, we have the following projects under our belt:

All this was possible because of your help.

In our setup, every penny is accounted for. We ensure you receive the proof whenever you need them.

This organization has been built for YOU. Where you can come forward to improve the conditions of your fellow beings.

This time, we are working to raise funds for hand pumps in Thar.

Our team at Ek Plate Biryani has decided to help as many of them as possible by installing hand pumps.

So far, we have successfully installed 194 handpumps in different villages across Thar… which means hundreds of people already have easy access to clean water. 

But, this is not enough. Thousands are still waiting. And, for them, we are raising funds this Ramadan. We want to install hand pumps in the villages still waiting for water. These hand pumps will allow them easy access to clean water in their own village for years to come.  InshaAllah.

You can join this movement by donating money and spreading the word.

To ensure 100% transparency, we take pictures and videos of the projects for proof. They are shared on our website, Facebook, and Instagram, as needed. 

The rest can be shared with you upon request.

You can check us out at:

We share pictures of our work on social media for those who want to have a look before donating to our causes.

With your support, we have managed to bring comfort to over a million people

And, we look up to you to help ease the famine situation in Thar by helping them cope with water and food shortages.

This Ramadan, you can take part in this cause by donating and spreading the word. 

Every penny that you donate in this holy month will help bring water to them and save hundreds of lives for years to come.

“And whoever saves one (life) – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.”

[Qur’an, 5:32]

Get a Handpump in your name or your loved one's

Making the water accessible to people is a Sadqa-e-jariya… the rewards for which continue for years even after your death.

This is the most beautiful month to help people and gain rewards. You can sponsor a hand pump in your or loved one’s name… and gather the rewards of providing water to an entire village.

Please email us or add a note to tell us the specific name you’d like to have the hand pump created for! You can email us at support@ekplatebiryani.com or chat via our website.
You can ask us to share the pictures/videos of the hand pumps especially installed with your/loved one’s name. We would be happy to do so.
Even if you cannot sponsor a hand pump on your own, you can contribute whatever amount is convenient to you and be a part of this great deed.

Your Words & Stories

Some touching stories and views of the donors who got their hand pumps installed in Thar through Ek Plate Biryani.