Earn Sadqa-e-Jaria By Providing Water
Pumps to Rohingya People


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To Realize Our Vision, We Have Partnered With

To Realize Our Vision, We Have Partnered With

Clean Water is An Individual’s Basic Right

When in 2017, water samples from the Rohingya camps’ households were tested…
92% of them were found to have been contaminated by various harmful viruses and bacteria.
According to the United Nations, Rohingya people are among the most oppressed ethnic groups in the world.
They are not identified by any state; and, no government takes their responsibility.
They are denied even the most basic rights.
Their country, Myanmar, has forced them to leave and fled to safer areas in other countries.
A large number of Rohingya people have taken refuge in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.
The area does not have basic facilities and clean water for such a huge population.
Water supply is scarce and the little water they get is dirty and smelly, carrying diseases such as Hepatitis, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, etc.
And, their situation is far from improving…
Clean water is the most basic human need and no one should be deprived of it.
We must all come together to provide them with access to clean water.
YOU can save lives…
And, bring heartfelt smiles to their faces.
It will be sadqa-e-jariyah for you.
The rewards will keep piling up in your favor, even after you leave the world… for as long as these people drink from the water wells we are gathering for.

The plight of the people

Rohingya people are an Indo-Aryan group of people, mostly Muslims, who have been displaced by their native country, Myanmar.
Not only were they rejected by their own country but were also subjected to horrible genocide in 2017 and, since then, their condition has worsened.
They are not given identity of any state and are forced to live the lives of Rohingya People with no relief in sight.
Most of them have taken refuge in developing countries.
In Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, about 900,000 Rohingya people have taken refuge across 36 locations. The underdeveloped city does not have access to proper food, water, and basic healthcare facilities.
With the memories of their loved ones’ slaughter in 2017, these Rohingya People now have to carry the burden of their loved ones’ plight every day.
They see their kids die of hunger or thirst, or due to outbreaks of diseases, such as diarrhea, cholera, and viral hepatitis
The main cause of these disease outbreaks is contaminated water.
They are stuck between the horrible choices of death due to thirst and death due to contaminated water.

Ek Plate Biryani -- An Organization Responding to The Calls of The Distressed

Ek Plate Biryani is the brainchild of a handful of us Canadian residents who wanted to give back to society.
Ek Plate Biryani is a registered Not-For-Profit Organization based in Canada and operating in Pakistan and Bangladesh on a regular basis.
Our team includes a number of trained, professional, and honest operation managers and quality control managers, along with several volunteers.
We aim to help people in every possible way. So far, we have the following projects under our belt:
  • Ek Plate Biryani distributes ration packages containing full month’s grocery door-to-door in underprivileged areas regularly.
  • We provide fresh, ready-to-eat meals for needy individuals. Over the last year, we have distributed food to 700,000 people.
  • Our team has installed 18 hand pumps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, for the Rohingya community.
  • In Thar, Pakistan, we have installed 194 hand pumps to cope with water shortages.
  • We help a street school in Karachi with healthy breakfast and lunches for students.
  • We have donated dialysis machines to SIUT, Pakistan’s best urology center.
We knew so many in the world are suffering. And, we wanted to help them.
When we set out to donate, we didn’t know who to trust. Most of the organizations did not offer enough proof.
There, we decided to go the extra mile and create a platform where anyone from any part of the world can help the needy…
Hence, Ek Plate Biryani came into being.
Ek Plate Biryani is a registered Not-For-Profit Organization based in Canada and operating in Pakistan, Uganda, India, and Bangladesh.
Our team includes a number of trained, professional, and honest operation managers and quality control managers, along with several volunteers.
We aim to help people in every possible way. So far, we have the following projects under our belt:
In our setup, every penny is accounted for. We ensure you receive the proof whenever you need them.
This organization has been built for YOU. Where you can come forward to improve the conditions of your fellow beings.
And, today, Rohingya people at Cox’s Bazaar need your help.

The Issues Being Presented at Cox’s Bazaar

Cox’s Bazaar, itself, is a developing city in Bangladesh with little resources.
The city suddenly experienced a huge influx of Rohingya People in 2017. The resources that were few now became too scarce to rely on.
The seasons of Bangladesh have been making it worse for the Rohingya People.
The dry spell that the city sees every year, usually from March to May, takes away what little water they have.
Then, come the wet-seasons from June to September. It rains a lot during these months, flooding the area and destroying many of the tube wells that have been installed.
Another problem is the outbreaks resulting from dirty water — contaminated with hordes of viruses and bacteria.
Besides, with no clean water for proper washing, they have no choice but to store water in unsanitized containers. This results in further contamination with viruses and bacteria which then keep on multiplying… worsening the situation.
These Rohingya People live in congested camps. Their living situation makes the diseases spread faster.
If you can help provide them with clean water, you can help save hundreds of lives every year.

What Are We Doing For Them?

Since 2017, non-governmental organizations from all over the world have been coming forward to help.
They have been installing various kinds of tube wells to draw water from the ground.
It has helped.
However, the population is huge. And, tube wells are still not enough to cater to all of them.
Water scarcity is still there.
Imagine having to think twice before drinking a glass of water or washing your face.
That’s how difficult it is for them.
Water and good health are the primary needs that every individual deserves.
Our team is contributing by installing tube wells at Cox’s Bazaar.
The goal is to install as many tube wells as possible to help overcome water scarcity and outbreaks of water-borne diseases.

How Tube Wells Work

Since water filtration is one of the major issues at Cox’s Bazaar, tube wells offer a natural method.
During the wet-seasons, Cox’s Bazaar witnesses a lot of rainfall.
Rain water seeps into the ground.
It gets filtered naturally through the layers of earth and sand.
This filtration also removes bacteria and other chemicals.
And, leaves the water safe for drinking.
Tube wells, then, bring this filtered water up for safe consumption.

How Can You Join Us?

Our team is working in Cox’s Bazaar and installing tube wells already.
We are raising funds to install more tube wells.
Because for a population of 900,000 Rohingya People, they need many more tube wells.
It is the wet season in Bangladesh and the earth is soaking up lots of water.
You can join this movement by donating money and spreading the word.
To ensure 100% transparency, we take pictures and videos of the projects for proof. They are shared on our website, Facebook, and Instagram, as needed.
The rest can be shared with you upon request.
You can check us out at:
We share pictures of our work on social media for those who want to have a look before donating for our causes.
Let’s get to work for Rohingya.
We do not want to keep them waiting.
Donate today to give 900,000 Rohingya People a chance at basic necessities.

About Ek Plate Biryani

Ek Plate Biryani is a registered NGO based in Canada
We started out in 2019 to provide a platform to people from all around the world to help those in distress.
Initially, we began with feeding the vulnerable in Pakistan, but, over the time, we have expanded our domain of work in terms of services as well as area.
We are now operating in 5 countries: Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Uganda.
We provide proofs to our donors on our social media as well as privately, if requested.
Our teams are dedicatedly working to provide food, access to clean water, treatment solutions, education support, and aid in emergencies.

Our Vision

We envision a world without hunger… a planet where no one has to be uncertain about their primary needs.

Copper bucket
Donate $25 to help the people of Rohingya get sufficient clean water and save lives.


Silver Bucket
Your $50 can help rohingya get clean water which is their basic right.


Gold Bucket
Help with $100 to bring fresh clean water in the desert area to save hundreds of lives.


Platinum Bucket
Your $250 can change the lives of hundreds of people by giving them access to clean water every day.


Share a hand pump
With $500, you can help hundreds of drought-stricken people live healthy, normal lives!


Hand pump with your or your loved one’s name
Your $1000 will change the destiny of the people of Tharis. This will be a charity that will continue to benefit these people for years.


Upsell #1:

Thank you. Your kind contribution will help Rohingya people get clean water for many years and live a better life. It will be a sadqa-e-jariya for you, inshaAllah.
Before you leave, we would like to tell you about another project of ours.
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a life-long, painful disease where kidneys of the patient stop functioning. It can be managed through dialysis which will clean the blood and let the patient live a healthy life. Most patients need three sessions of dialysis each week.
In Pakistan, where public healthcare facilities are few, dialysis machines are not easily available.
And, the distress of a poor CKD patient cannot be put into words. They stand in line for hours but the hospitals, due to lack of dialysis machines, have to turn them away.
We are raising funds to get a few dialysis machines for Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation– Pakistan’s best public hospital for CKD.
Each dialysis machine saves hundreds of lives a year.
You can help with your contribution to give hundreds of CKD patients with a painless life.

Upsell #2:

Thank you for your generous help. Your contribution will help Rohingya people get clean water for many years and live a better life. It will be a sadqa-e-jariya for you, inshaAllah.
Before we say goodbye, we would like to tell you about another one of our projects.
Since lack of education is the root of all evil, we have taken up the task of helping some under resourced schools in rural areas of Pakistan.
We are raising funds to provide these schools with books, desks, proper sanitation, and other basic facilities so that the kids can study well.
We can all work together to change their futures and help create a better world.
Join us in this movement to bring a lasting change for the world.

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