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Help Those Who Won’t Ask For It

…While Maintaining Their Dignity

A Glimpse Into Our Preparations

Due to lockdowns, many families who used to do charity are struggling to make ends meet.
They never show it out of shame.
It could be your neighbor, your friend, or a relative.
You can help them without embarrassing them.

Prophet Of Allah (S.A.W) Said,

“Whichever believer feeds a hungry believer, Allah feeds him from the fruits of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection…”


Supporting Struggling White Collar Families With Food To:
Each of the bags will have your name on it… so that they can pray for you with your name.

To Realize Our Vision, We Have Partnered With

Work Opportunities Have Become Scarce Due To Lockdowns

Those Who Used To Be Self-Sufficient Need Your Support
Why they avoid charities
The Solutions Offered by Ek Plate Biryani:

Support With Dignity

Help with discretion to respect them and their values
Most Institutions require them to queue up to receive rations, making it feel like begging.
Ek Plate Biryani drops the food ration bags discreetly at the doorsteps and only ask the beneficiary to sign the receipt.

Extend Your Support Today

They Need It.
Simple Procedure:
Your help will reach the deserving family with care and discretion. And,
rewards written by Allah in your favor.
Each of the bag contains the following:
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We Put In Effort To Keep It All Transparent

A Glimpse Into Our Preparations

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you keep track of beneficiaries?
We keep a copy of each of the beneficiaries’ CNIC. Every time they receive a food bag from us, they sign our list of food receipts to confirm.
2. In which form, would you provide us proof of our donation since you are not taking pictures in this specific campaign?
Since we are against taking pictures of people in this campaign, we offer to put the donor’s name on the food bags, take pictures of those food bags and email them to you.
3. How do you verify the deserving individuals?
Our team visits the individuals and their residence. A gentle visit and a discreet interview help us get the view.

silver donation level
Sponsor 4 families for the entire month by contributing $200.


gold donation level
Support 10 families for an entire month by donating $500.


platinum donation level
Be a platinum sponsor by contributing $1000 to support 20 families for a month.